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BY PETE TITTL Contributing writer

Uncle’s BBQ


Another new downtown restaurant is Uncle’s BBQ, which opened in January on H Street in a location that has been home to many restaurants in recent years. Uncle’s bills itself as “Home of the Baby Back Ribs,” so we got a dinner with that ($13.75) as well as a chicken and tri-tip dinner ($14).


The ribs are hard to beat: very meaty, not preboiled, al dente to the bite and full of the flavor that only pork grease can provide in the cooking process. What was interesting about the chicken was that it was removed from the bone and cut into three-quarter-inch strips. The beef had a thin pink smoke ring but was very smoky (almost in a charcoal way rather than oak) and not rare in the least, yet not too dry. Those who find too many places serving medium rare would like this version.


Chef just keeps on a food truckin'
BY PETE TITTL Contributing writer

Portable restaurants continue to grow in popularity and one truck, Uncle's BBQ, has become a fixture at CSUB sporting events.

It's operated by Garlin Frink, 45, using recipes from his dad, Willie, who had worked as a cook in the Army and a chef for a lot of years before going into construction, specifically cement contracting.


You can see his name stamped all over Bakersfield," the younger Frink said. "He was the biggest cement contractor in Bakersfield."


The Food Issue 2013: Barbecued Bakersfield


Story and photos by Mark Nessia


Barbecue. It's a universal word meaning good food and good company, and Bakersfield is in the midst of a golden age of barbecue.

"There was a time when there weren't many barbecue places here," The Bakersfield Californian's local food guru Pete Tittl said. "It's surprising because people in Bakersfield are similar to people in Texas -- they like meat, and they like barbecue."


Uncle's BBQ

Uncle's BBQ is "home of the baby back ribs" and for good reason. The 14-hour process ensures the most flavor from the premium meat. Ribs are seasoned with Uncle's specialty rub before it undergoing a 12-hour marinate, said owner Garlin Frink who caters at CSUB sporting events. Afterward, the ribs are smoked over oak wood for two hours for added flavor and tenderness then covered with a homemade barbecue sauce. Uncle's signature ribs are available in a half rack ($14) and full rack ($25).

The secret is the rub created more than 30 years ago by Frink's father, Willie. Used on premium meats and smoked over red oak, the rub can still be tasted even when covered in Uncle's traditional barbecue sauce. 

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