A Bakersfield BBQ hero with the tender touch on his baby

back ribs. Chef Garlin Frink, known simply as “Uncle,”

doesn't just make barbecue, he makes friends.  One bite

of his barbecue and you’re roped into the world of Uncle’s

BBQ, the home of the baby back ribs.

At an early age, Garlin cooked alongside his dad,

Willie J. Frink.  Willie got his first chance to cook for the

masses as a mess sergeant in the U.S. Army.  He transformed

his mess hall into a place where his gastronomic gifts could

flourish and was later led to open “Will's Grill”.  Garlin similarly

fell in love with the art of BBQing and followed in his dad’s culinary


​Garlin's family and friends urged him to start Uncle’s BBQ

vendor truck and catering business. After a successful career

in real estate development, like his father, Garlin took his

parent's BBQ recipes and opened his Vendor truck in 2012

with his first gig at a CSU Bakersfield sporting event. He later

served Chevron and Mercy Hospital. When you ask Garlin what makes his BBQ so delicious, Garlin is quick to answer, “Love and happiness.”

Uncle's is quickly gaining an official reputation as Bakersfield's best BBQ.  Uncle’s BBQ truck can cater your event to make your day delicious.

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